PowerTank NZ Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company, whose main objective is to remain at the cutting edge of kitchen cleaning technology.

The PowerTank System has evolved after years of research & development and after consultation with clients in the food industry and has thus become the market leader in the safe and most advanced methods of removing baked on carbon from commercial kitchen equipment.

Our tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards, with safety being paramount in our design. We utilize a lid safety locking mechanism which prevents injuries as well as a user friendly load basket designed to make the process of removing heavy equipment (grills/filters etc.) an easy one. 

We offer the choice of two different proprietary detergents that have been designed to exacting specifications to reduce soak times with much better cleaning results. These detergents are manufactured in New Zealand satisfying all New Zealand compliant regulations and ensuring that supply is never an issue. 


Our detergents are non-caustic, biodegradable alkaline powder, thus making the kitchen a much safer, cleaner and more hygienic working environment. The PowerTank system also has major water saving benefits.

Powertank Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Systems